Turn store traffic into your next growth opportunity

Your stores provide thousands of valuable shopper impressions every day. Those impressions are the most highly sought after by advertisers, marketers and CPG brands, because most purchase decisions are made in-store, right at the shelf. Until now, there was no way to digitally connect shoppers with marketers in-store. But that’s about to change. With LEAP, we’ve built the ultimate online marketplace, leveraging our EDGE Digital Shelf technology to bring retailers and advertisers together at the shelf for the first time.

LEAP gives retailers the opportunity to monetize the thousands of shopper interactions that happen every day. Our cloud-based marketplace is used by marketers and advertisers to buy and sell advertising on the EDGE Digital Shelf. CPGs and other marketers can bid on open media space in your store, opening up new revenue streams and growth for your business.

Give brands more effective tools to elevate their marketing efforts

LEAP gives marketers the ability to build and upload full digital campaigns in real-time. They can buy and configure campaigns across a retailer's national footprint, or place their ads by region, city, even down to individual store location. Advertisers can browse ad space availability in real-time, and choose the length, size, motions and colors of their content through LEAP’s Advertiser Portal. LEAP’s simple, intuitive interface gives both retailers and advertisers the ability to track campaign effectiveness through built-in reporting tools and dashboards, and use the insights provided to further enhance marketing strategies.

Through the LEAP Media Platform marketers and advertisers can:
  • Easily search for advertising and promotional availability across all of EDGE's retail installations
  • Customize and upload advertising and promotional campaigns
  • Plan and coordinate on-shelf advertising within existing advertising campaigns
  • Instantly deliver dynamic advertising content to the shelf where key purchase decisions are made
  • Measure the effectiveness of efforts with deep analytics and sales performance