Retailing on the Edge

Introducing EDGE Digital Shelf technology: a fully integrated, digital signage platform that engages shoppers and transforms operations like never before. EDGE is the first major step forward in retail technology. One system automates key processes that streamline pricing, restocking and in-store workflows. Best of all, it provides an entirely new way to engage shoppers at the most critical point in their decision process.

With EDGE, retailers benefit from reduced operational costs, innovative new revenue streams and improved customer loyalty. This is powerful technology that integrates seamlessly with today’s retail systems and provides the infrastructure necessary for the future of retail.

Transform operations across the store

Automate manual processes and connect critical retail systems to optimize every aspect of operations.

Improve operational efficiency

  • Streamline restocking activities with simple visual displays that assign products to the proper position on shelves.
  • Dynamically adjust pricing to accommodate special promotions, in-store marketing tests and LTO deals.

Grow revenue potential at every shelf

Transform each shelf into a profit center.

EDGE provides instant on-shelf marketing and merchandising opportunities

  • Generate new advertising revenue by displaying product promotions and specials; even promoting complementary brands at shelf.
  • Display messages for out-of-stock products, alternative products and list expected re-stocking dates.
  • Use dynamic videos to generate immediate sales and enhance product information.

Improve customer loyalty

Leverage real-time data right at the shelf.

Arm shoppers with the information they need to simplify the shopping experience.

  • Deliver relevant messaging to shoppers at the shelf, giving them valuable information when and where they need it.
  • Deliver coupons at the shelf helping shoppers make smarter decisions and take full advantage of pricing promotions.
  • Implement price updates instantly across one or multiple stores to give shoppers the best price right now.
EDGE is built for the future of retail

Each shelf has integrated Bluetooth, WiFi and Zigbee radios. This allows tags to be updated in real-time so they’re always accurate and up to date.

Shelves can each hold up to 500lbs, so you can use them to display almost anything.

Manage display content easily. With a rich user interface, the portal lets you manage pricing, advertising, messages and product info in one or many locations.