Retail is rising

the future of retail powered by Sunrise Technology


Technology is not the enemy of retail. In fact, advances in automation, analytics and interaction are about to usher in a vibrant new future, elevating your business and every shopper interaction at the same time. This may be the most exciting moment in our industry’s history, and we can’t wait to show you what’s to come.

Retail is at our core

As a division of the largest grocery retailer in America, we've built Sunrise Technology around the realities of shopper expectations and retail operations. Our vast research and knowledge of consumer behaviors, legacy technologies and unique business challenges has given us remarkable insights into what it takes to design, build and implement innovative retail solutions, and integrate them seamlessly into retail environments.

Making retail innovation a reality

Sunrise Technology is not just an organization that sees the future; we’re the people who are bringing it to life in stores all across the world. Every day, our teams are working to make technology and innovation more accessible for more retailers than ever before.

Working with Sunrise brings retailers

The industry is shifting quickly, and we’re helping retailers find new avenues for growth by investing in shopper experience.

We’re bringing shoppers, manufacturers and retailers together to generate more revenue out of every interaction.

Any transformation takes teamwork. Sunrise Technology works closely with our customers to implement new technologies into existing infrastructures.

The declining trends in retail are about to shift. We’re helping the industry see a brighter future and take advantage of opportunities for long-term growth.